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 "This is a record Linda Ronstadt could have made after Heart Like A Wheel." - Jon Bream / Mpls. Star and Tribune

"Of all Twin Cities performers, no one is more adored than Mary Jane Alm, a talented charmer with golden vocal chords, disarming sincerity, an impressive collection of original tunes and a hot, high-caliber band." - St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Lord, she's pretty. She stands up there in the pink dress and dark high-heels, long gold earrings and delicate, lacy  black wrist gloves. She has shoulder-length blond hair, high cheekbones and green eyes that flash from under the fine dark lines of her brows. This is a lonely cowpuncher's line-shack fantasy, a woman to get you through the deep snow; and she sings, a warm country cast to her voice."You wear a mask hoping I won't see who you're dreaming of, But there is no disguise for faded love..."
  She's a star waiting to happen. She's got all the voice and looks she needs to be a major country-music artist. And now we get to the central question about Mary Jane Alm: If she's so good, why ain't she famous?" - John Camp / Pulitzer Prize winning writer

"This band has a lot of solid, fresh material, overflowing talent, a conscious direction, undeniable enthusiasm and a knockout lead singer in Alm." - St. Paul Dispatch
"The Mary Jane Alm Band's music was superb, with polished instrumentals and solid vocal harmony added to a voice so solid it could make a lot of well known pop singers envious."
"Alm was recently voted best female vocalist in the Twin Cities by two different entertainment magazines. After listening to her sing, one could wonder why they bothered to count the votes." - Rochester Post Bulletin